Friday, 12 June 2009


little James has just gone into surgery. Beth would like all the prayers you can muster for the next few hours!!!


Anonymous said...

I am praying with every fibre of my being !! He'll be fine !! He's amazingly strong just like his amazing mum !
Loveyou beth
My thoughts are with you always
Jorja xxx

debbie said...

Thinking of you all, prayers being said right now
Love Debbiexxxxxx

Christina said...

lots of prayers!

Maxton's Mommy said...

wow!!! No nitric!! What a rockstar. Many prayers that surgery goes fantastic! :-)


Anonymous said...

hoping like mad that everything is going really well, not anticipating that it'll be any other way. After this he'll just need to keep on getting better and better. What a little trooper he is! Big kiss for James X lots for you .

Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

That's great that he has surgery so quickly. We're praying that it all goes well and that he will be stabilised quickly afterwards.
please keep us updated.

Shawn said...

We are so happy to hear he is in surgery and Stef and I are praying that all goes great! We are thinking about you all!

Shawn and Stephanie

Rachel Dominguez said...

Praying with all that I have. My heart is with you all during this time that you wait and during this surgery that baby James must endure...but we have One Heck of a God and I know he is performing a miracle right now with the help of great doctors.

Love and Prayers,

Rachel (Lee's Summit, MO)

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for james.

Nay Family x

Anonymous said...

Just checked in to see if all went well. I really hope it did, and hope that James has a good night, as do you. I will check in again tomorrow morning. Sending my thoughts your way again tonight.

Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx