Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Well it appears I was a bit quick off the mark.

As it transpires there were further delays and Beth is still now waiting to be induced. She should be seeing a doctor early this afternoon and once she has things will hopefully get underway quickly. Fingers crossed for the induction this afternoon as the wait isn't making things any easier!


Candice and Rob Beal said...

Oh poor Beth! i can't believe they have been waiting this long! wow! It just gave the little guy one more day to grow bigger and sronger. Well lets hope they have a baby by 2nite.
still praying candice

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Good luck. We're hoping that the induction goes well.
We 're praying for little James.

Anonymous said...

We are saying tons of prayers today! And will be checking the blog anxiously for any new news! We are here if y'all need us!

Stephanie said...

So very sorry it's taking so long. My heart goes out to y'all. Be strong and try to rest as much as you can before his birth. Thinking of you and praying hard.