Monday, 25 May 2009

2 Weeks Today.....!!!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, and least importantly for those of you in America.........WHAT! Adam Lamburg was sooooooo amazing so how come Chris won??? I'm confused!

Secondly and far more importantly....2 weeks today our beautiful baby boy will be on his way. I REALLY cannot wait to meet this little guy and Mike is just as excited. We are aware its going to be a roller coaster but we remain faithful.

I am officially 37 weeks today which means if James decides to make an early entrance he is no longer classed as premature. Go James!!

I don't appear to be carrying any extra fluid and although I'm pretty large things all seem fine. It's really strange not having scans and appointments coming out of my ears! Still I'm seeing the community midwife tomorrow so we'll check everything is as ok as it seems.

Ruby, Jamie and Avery have all been so strong to date and they certainly remain in our prayers. As of course do Maxton and Kaden - not a day goes past when we don't think of you guys.

Well we are getting closer....both Stephanie (Kamryn and Brooke's mummy) and I are nearly there now.

I cannot put into words how much I want to be Mummy to baby James! I'm so grateful for every kick, punch and stretch I feel.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers.

Lots of love Beth & Bumpy James. xxxx

Monday, 18 May 2009

Final Scan & Induction Booking.....3 weeks today!!

Hi Everyone,

We had our final scan this afternoon...the next time we see our beautiful boy's face it will be in person!

We felt so confident going into the scan room today and had a really warm response from Amar, our Sono. Scans seem to get kind of confusing when the baby is this big, I suppose they can't see anything as clearly because he's all squashed up in there now.

Anyway it was wonderful to see him in 4d again. He has really chubby cheeks and 100% his Daddy's nose!! So handsome! We also saw his hand in 4d.....I think he has piano playing fingers.

In terms of the CDH it was hardly looked at today. I couldn't see the stomach at all but the screen was pretty full of black blobs! Amar said everything was 'the same'. My fluid levels were normal and we could actually see Baby James swallowing and moving his tongue. His growth velocity was also normal. The sonographer seemed unconcerned with the progress of the pregnancy so does not want to see me again until I actually get induced....this is where the big news comes.

We are booked in at 7am on 8th June for induction to begin. This is subject to delay if the NICU is too full. Please be aware though folks that it can take up to 2 - 7 days for little one to appear. It was stressed that we are essentially 'copying' nature and in order to be as noninvasive as possible this can take a while. We are hoping to naturally start contractions spontaneously on the way to the hospital ;-)

Please keep your prayers coming - we are feeling really blessed with your prayers and support and we cannot wait for the miracle of bringing this wonderful boy home.

Thanks for checking in & love to you all

Mike & Beth

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Baby James' Prayer Shower

Hi Everyone,

We had our 'prayer shower' for baby James last night. It really was the most special event. Mum set up the lounge BEAUTIFULLY and arranged some pictures of James on the 'alter table' surrounded by candles. We also printed out a list of the other CDH babies we know of who are expected this summer and put some candles around that to.

Around 25 very special people from 'our life' turned up to pray for this little boy, we were so very touched that this many people would give up their Friday night for our little family and the miracle we so desperately need - Thank you!!!!

Aside from the people who were there in body, we had people praying across Berlin (thank you to my big sister!!), New York, Texas, Saint Lucia (thank you Tessa), Scotland and France. Thank you soooo much for all of your prayers!

The evening started off with a little 'CDH awareness' to fill people in as to exactly what miracle we needed. Then began the prayers. Such powerful and special thoughts were shared and Mike and I felt a real hand of peace over our situation. Thank you so much everyone, we now believe we have the strength to carry us through this 'roller coaster'.

After this moving time of prayer we shared food, drink and the company of so many lovely people. They are committed to praying for not only us but also those others of you going through this journey.....please know you are loved!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and who prayed from afar, we were touched so deeply by your love and support.

We have another scan on Monday at which time our induction will be booked. I'm so excited to see this little strong chap on the scan agin. I'll post after that to let you know how it goes!

Thank you for checking in and please keep the prayers coming.

With Love

Mike, Beth and Baby Bump James xxx

Friday, 8 May 2009

Our Last Appointment at our Local Hospital & 1 Month Today!!

Hey Everyone,

We had another appointment at the Royal Surrey today for a routine scan. They have a new consultant there who was really lovely. To be honest she just took a really human attitude towards us and was very sensitive about the situation.

Anyway things are much the same. James is looking adorable and is a big, strong boy. He was less camera shy today and gave us some really sweet little movements. I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little chap!!!

Having said that I found the day itself really hard. As we were in the waiting room a couple was brought through to the 'sitting area'. They had found something on their routine scan. Knowing the pain they were going through in that little room was awful to watch. I guess you never really understand those moments until you have been there.

So it's a month today that our little man should begin his roller! Coupled with the absolute joy of getting to see this characterful little bundle is the immense fear of the CDH roller coaster. We have tremendous support and I thank you all for your prayers. Please keep them coming......little one just did a big stretch - I think he's trying to say thank you to!

Finally for those who don't know, I am a singing teacher and run a small choir here in the UK. We had our 'end of term' concert last night and the students were so amazing. They gave me beautiful flowers and sung their hearts out! We put a little 'donations bucket' out to raise money for Ronald McDonald Houses and I was once again blown away by the generosity of this small group. They are all aware of CDH now as well so it was a great mini awareness drive. Thank you so much to all of the girls, boys and their parents - an incredible group!

Thanks for checking in folks.

With Much Love!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

5 Weeks Today - AGH!!

Hi Folks,

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you for your comments on our blog. It is so wonderful and comforting to know that we have such love and support - even from people we have never met. We are praying for your families to!

Please keep in your prayers the Beal family. They are expecting a little boy who has recently been diagnosed with CDH. You can follow their story by clicking on the link in our blog list.

Well we have 5 weeks to go. Its all getting scarily close now and it seems way too real. Although we absolutely cannot wait to meet our beautiful boy we are nervous about how we will 'get through' the roller coaster. Ive been watching the strength of other parents and feel somehow ill equipped for our own journey. The love I have is almost too all consuming. Still we remain hopeful that little James will fight hard and pull through. How amazing it would be to bring him home!!

They don't really 'do' baby showers in the UK although the idea is catching on. However we have decided to 'change' the tradition and start a new one ;-) We have decided to have a prayer evening for baby James on 15th May. This will be followed with nibbles ect. We just feel that getting a whole group together and praying for our little boy can only be a good thing. We will then have a 'traditional baby shower' when baby James comes home. Please keep little James in your prayers - especially on the 15th May. If any of you would like to come please do drop me an email and I'll send you more details.

Anyway thank you for checking in and for your continual support

Much Love xxxx