Monday, 18 May 2009

Final Scan & Induction Booking.....3 weeks today!!

Hi Everyone,

We had our final scan this afternoon...the next time we see our beautiful boy's face it will be in person!

We felt so confident going into the scan room today and had a really warm response from Amar, our Sono. Scans seem to get kind of confusing when the baby is this big, I suppose they can't see anything as clearly because he's all squashed up in there now.

Anyway it was wonderful to see him in 4d again. He has really chubby cheeks and 100% his Daddy's nose!! So handsome! We also saw his hand in 4d.....I think he has piano playing fingers.

In terms of the CDH it was hardly looked at today. I couldn't see the stomach at all but the screen was pretty full of black blobs! Amar said everything was 'the same'. My fluid levels were normal and we could actually see Baby James swallowing and moving his tongue. His growth velocity was also normal. The sonographer seemed unconcerned with the progress of the pregnancy so does not want to see me again until I actually get induced....this is where the big news comes.

We are booked in at 7am on 8th June for induction to begin. This is subject to delay if the NICU is too full. Please be aware though folks that it can take up to 2 - 7 days for little one to appear. It was stressed that we are essentially 'copying' nature and in order to be as noninvasive as possible this can take a while. We are hoping to naturally start contractions spontaneously on the way to the hospital ;-)

Please keep your prayers coming - we are feeling really blessed with your prayers and support and we cannot wait for the miracle of bringing this wonderful boy home.

Thanks for checking in & love to you all

Mike & Beth


Anonymous said...

So pleased everything looked great on the scan. Emily has been marking a countdown for her birthday on the memo board in the kitchen. Tomorrow when she celebrates her birthday we're going to start to mark the countdown for 8th June!
Lots of love as always

Stephanie said...

What wonderful news that everything looked great on your last scan. What a blessing that is for you!!!

Thinking of you and praying hard!!!

Much love,

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Hi Beth,
We are keeping fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan. We are looking forward to meeting your beautiful baby boy.
Ingrid, Alex & Alina