Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Midwife Appt and Baby Kaden

Hi Folks,

Firstly I wanted to say how very saddened we were to hear that baby Kaden has lost his fight with CDH. He had an inspiational 17 days on earth and his parents, Craig and Kristi Kuehl were incredible. Please remember their whole family in your prayers.

I had another midwife appointment yesterday. Basically to cut a long story short - because I have been under the care of 3 different institutions they have forgotten to do certain checks on me...being that this is my first pregnancy I didn't know any difference. Anyway, they have now caught up and I am measuring bang on 32 weeks - where I should be. I also had my GTT test which came back normal. My blood pressure is a little higher than it was but nothing to be too concerned about.....I think I may have to cut down on those Cadbury Caramels though ;-) At the moment everything is looking fine with my health. I am however getting a bit fed up with the 'alarmist' nature of so many midwives. They don't appear to understand the stress and worry of carrying a CDH baby, anything extra that could be wrong makes you exhausted at the prospect - all I want is to be the best possible womb for baby James to live in. I've decided to pretty much wait until things are checked by St George's before I panic about anything else. Whine over!!!!

We have another scan and specialist appointment up at St George's tomorrow. I'm hoping little one is doing well - he certainly has a lot of energy so I'm sure thats a good sign. I'll post as soon as we're back to let people know how he's looking.

Less than 7 weeks to go now......yipee?? Mike and I get to meet our pride and joy....!!

Please pray for good news tomorrow......watching so many babies struggle and lose their fight with this awful condition devastates us. We want to help spread awareness and support those amazing medical professionals who are researching this!!

Thanks for checking in xx


Maxton's Mommy said...

It is so hard being pregnant and seeing other babies pass away. I struggled with that during my pregnancy as well. Just remain as positive as you can for the little guy!!! :-) From my experience it seemed like my regular doctors didn't really know what CDH was. I think that is sad. How are we supposed to spread awareness when even doctors don't know about CDH! Hang in there. We are thinking of you guys!!

Stephanie said...


I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well with all your doctor's visits thus far. I completely understand your anticipation and worry. I'm praying that your next appointment goes well, and is completely uneventful.

Sending you lots of love and hugs!
Brooke and *Kamryn's mommy

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Hi Beth,

Well done for having gotten this far, James has one strong mummy :0).
We are thinking about you and hoping that your next appointment will go well.
Ingrid, Alex & Alina