Thursday, 23 April 2009

32+3 Week scan

Hi All,

We went up to St George's today for our routine scan. It was fairly positive. My amniotic fluid levels are still normal and nothing has changed with baby James-no news is good news.

Onto the cute stuff though.....he is absolutely adorable!!! He weighs 4lb 13oz and on the 4d picture he even looks a little chubby ;-) He was being a bit naughty though, the sonographer was trying to get a picture of his lungs but he was hiding them with his arms. Once he finally moved them he wouldn't stop wiggling around enough for them to see his kidneys....he was making the whole room laugh already - I think he takes after his uncle James!!!

In terms of the hernia things are the same. The good lung looks big but of course they cannot predict the actual function of the lung until birth. The stomach and parts of the small bowel have herniated but the liver position is still completely down - this is very good news!!

I tried to press the consultant for some prediction of outcome which of course he wouldn't answer. He did however say that he was ''optimistic'' which is excellent. We can only pray to prove him right.

We have returned from the hospital with a positive outlook today. It almost seems impossible that this little boy with so much life already could even have anything wrong with him, let alone possibly not make it!!

Please, please continue to pray for little James!! We couldn't love him more and are desperate to bring him home.

Thank you for checking in again. Much love

Beth xxxx


Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

Hi Beth,

We are so happy that the appointment went well. Sounds like James is a cheeky little one. Did you get any 3D pictures? Do post them if you get a chance.
We are thinking about you.

Ingrid, Alex & Alina

Fer said...

Hello Beth, I just got your blog and wanted to tell you that I'll be praying for you and James. I'm thinking about you.

Fer (mom to Juan Pablo RCDH)

Liz and Shane said...

Hi Beth,
I just found your blog and wanted to introduce myself. We had our daughter Nayeli on October 22, 2008 LCDH.
We are praying for you and James.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

I accidently came across your blog, while researching CDH.

Kudos to you! for updating this journal and sharing your story.

Baby James sure will come out a winner and is a miracle baby. My prayers are with you and your family.

I am in the similar boat as you.

My story:

29weeks my first baby.
baby with isolated left CDH.
current AFI: 19.5
current LHR: 2.44
fetal weight: 2.5 pounds
EDD: July 17, 2009

No other birth defects.
Amniocentesis was done to check for all chromosome related problems.

Perinatologist has given above 90% chance of survival rate.

Biometrics of the baby is as per gestational age.

My baby's CDH is a little different. It's not a hole in the diaphragm. But its a sac (or a pouch like appearance) Appears that since the stomach is pushing against the diaphragm, diaphragm is getting pushed against and a sac is getting formed(seems like).

CDH in itself is quite rare. I have to be honest, I have never met anyone with CDH as a defect in my life.

My baby and I are getting care at one of the best hospital's in the world. They are a exclusive children's hospital caring only for sick children. Even here, my case is quite rare, where there is a sac instead of a hole in the diaphragm. Since there is no name for it, they are treating it as isolated CDH.

It was news for my husband and I.
We are just being positive and hoping our baby boy will join us soon and we will form a new family and make us complete.

I will stay in touch with you through your email.

God bless and keep the faith.