Thursday, 16 April 2009

25 Week Scan

We had our 25 week scan today at Guildford and James was being his usual wriggly self!! The hernia is pretty much the same alhough we did discover a few more things.

Firstly it appears that the majority of his liver is down where it should be. This is good sign as far as prognosis and we hope it remains that way.

Secondly I was found to have Polyhydramnios. This means I am carrying too much amniotic fluid. This is a bad sign as far as prognosis goes. This occurs because the hernia is pushing against the trachea causing James to have trouble swallowing his amniotic fluid. It can cause pre-term labour which we despirately don't want to happen so please pray he swallows!! Amniotic fluid levels will be checked again at the next scan on the 19th March.

Thank you for your prayers......keep them coming xxxxx