Friday, 12 June 2009

Post Op Update

Hi all,

Baby James has done wonderfully. His surgery went well & he is stable and so very brave! The spleen, stomach, small intestine & a few loops of the large intestine were up in the left side chest cavity. This is not unusual and everything was moved down successfully! They did not need a gortex patch for the hole but did need to sew the muscle tissue to his rib, again this is fairly common during this nature of repair. The surgeons seemed happy with how it went and are confident about his recovery. Obviously this is majour surgery though so we need to monitor all his bits & pieces carefully. The surgical team will check on him daily. We are so thankful to the wonderful staff here...they are nothing short of amazing!!

Since his op James has been stable & they continue to wean his care as is appropriate, he is tolerating things well at the moment.

I have uploaded an x-ray of him post op with everything in the right place....doesn't his chest look lovely & clean now?!

Today was one of the toughest of our lives & we are so thankful to God for our miracle baby boy. He is amazing beyond words. We are so proud of our little warrior.

The next 48 hours will be a chance to see how little James copes with his organs in the right place. We will let you know how this goes.

Mike & I are exhausted and delighted at the same time. We couldn't ask for more from this inspirational little chap! He is already showing Mummy & Daddy how he fights. The last 3 days he has been through so very much & we adore him more than we ever imagined! We will thank God every day of our lives for giving us the most special gift.

Thank you so much for your prayers everyone! Please keep them coming, he has some way to go before he is totally better but we have total faith that the miracle will continue.

Ashley-James wanted to model baby
Maxton's bracelet for you!! See picture ;-)

We are off to say night night to our beautiful son.

Thank you again everyone!!!

Mummy & Daddy Reeve xxxx


Maxton's Mommy said...

:-) I have tears in my eyes!!! GOOOO JAMES! I am determined to make it across the "pond" one day and meet this little fellow. Many prayers for you guys! I know my little angel is watching over you all. Love the pic.


Stephanie said...

Oh, I hope this post works. I've been having trouble posting responses on blogs lately. I'm so incredibly thankful that he's doing so well. What a blessing that is. Congratulations!!!! I'll continue to check up on him.

Much love to you and your family, and we are still praying.


Liz and Shane said...

I am praying that James continues to reamin stable and he gets stronger each day.

Anonymous said...

We are so delighted and relieved for you that the surgery has gone so well. What a day it must have been for you all yesterday, and how great to have that day behind you now. It's onwards and upwards from here. James is an amazing little fighter, and oh so cute with it! We won't stop thinking about you all, and hope that he continues to amaze everyone with his resilience and strength. Big hugs and kisses again

The Dears.xxxxxxxx

martin & Solomon said...

You know, Mike, Beth and James, I sit here with Solomon and i am so thankful for him and to know that he has such an awesome cousin, one that will grow up with him and they will be there for each other, the hard situation you guys are going through is making you so much stronger and the fact that James will grow up with no real memory of what he went through - but all he knows is that he is loved so very much

Love to you all
Marty and Solomon

Alex & Ingrid Houchin said...

So happy to hear that the surgery went well and that he didn't need a patch. His lungs look really good.
We're praying that he continues to remain stable during the next few days. Please keep us updated.

Chanda D Brady said...

What a gorgeous x-ray!!!!...almost as beautiful as James!...I'm thinking of you here in UT and keeping up praying for you guys! Chanda

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that James is doing well after surgery. We are keeping him and the rest of your family in our thoughts and prayers. If we can do anything from across the pond let us know.